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Are you searching for the top cleaning and pest control services in Dubai ? Then you are in the right place. We offer the most effective pest control services in the UAE at competitive prices. As a government-approved pest control company in the UAE, we assist you in ridding your property of pests that are annoying you.
The most professional team is on hand to execute our services. All of UAE can use our services. We assist you in keeping pests out of your house and workplace. If bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, or other pests are disrupting your life, we can help you find a solution. Contact us immediately if you are experiencing any issues with them in your home or office.

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What is Pest Control?​

Pest control is the method of removing the insects, pests etc from your home, building or office. They are different types of pest control;
Cockroach Control

To prevent cockroaches from getting out of control and spreading across the building, we need an efficient control and response system. We have pest control gel that is approved by UAE authorities to kill cockroaches. Before it dies one cockroach that has been exposed to the our gel can kill up to 50 cockroaches.

Bedbugs Control

Depending on the severity of infestations, locating and treating bed bugs might take a very long period. Insect parasites known as bed bugs only consume human blood. Global pest control has a solution to all these problems. After doing a complete inspection of your home and property, we will provide the most effective pest control solutions to get rid of them.

Termite Control

Termites are a tiny, dull, soft-bodied insect that feeds on moist wood and needs an ongoing source of moisture to survive. Termite problems must be handled by professionals otherwise they will only become worse. We have an anti-spray that is approved by government authorities, and using this we remove all termites in your home or office.

Rat Control

One of the leading pest control companies in the nation, We offers practical solutions to get rid of rats from your house and property. Our trained experts will find the hiding spots of the rats and inject a mild odour spray to get rid of them.

Flies Control
Flying Insects Control

They are usually found in open food, waste, etc. Different types of flying insects exist. We determine the appropriate form of treatment for flying bug control after carefully examining your condition.

Snakes Control in UAE
Other Control

If the number of insects, flies, and pests increases past a certain point, they must be controlled. We are a pest control company that offers affordable snake control services in Dubai. As a result of the expertise and skill of our staff, we are the best in snake control.

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They provide an excellent service on pest control. They also paid attention to every detail I have spoken to them about pests in my house.

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They responded very quickly to my calls and came the next day to clean my home along with taking necessary pest control measures. I am really impressed with their efficiency.

Fathima Ameer

Their pest control remedies on bed bugs has a excellent result. My long term problem was ended with their solution. I am forever grateful for that.


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