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chatbots for recruiting

People have different ways of texting, including slang, emojis, and short-form, which makes it extremely difficult to program a chatbot to understand each and every variation of human speech. With today’s turbulent labour market, candidate experience has become increasingly important to attract talent. However, you can always create new ones to serve any personalized purpose as we created above, just so you can get going creating an interactive chatbot resume. Check out our Automation and AI in Recruiting eBook today to discover how you can leverage artificial intelligence and automated workflows to improve your hiring efforts. To really grab a potential candidate’s attention, it needs to be written clearly and concisely.

chatbots for recruiting

Once you’re confident, deploy your chatbot across various channels—your career page, job portals, even social media. The Yellow.ai platform supports deployment on over 35 channels, ensuring you cast a wide net. Keep an eye on those key metrics we talked about earlier to continually optimize performance. With Yellow.ai’s generative AI-powered capabilities, you can create conversational flows that feel just like talking to a human. Recruitment chatbots can send out periodic engagement messages, polls, or informative content to keep candidates interested and connected with your brand.

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And with its Phenom chatbot technology, the company has converted 26% of casual job seekers into actual hires. A recruitment chatbot can aggregate valuable data from candidate interactions, allowing your team to make informed decisions based on metrics rather than gut feelings. According to the Business Insider Intelligence Team, 29 percent of customer service positions in the U.S. could be automated, which would lead to $23 billion in savings. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and chatbots have been buzzing around the HR industry for years. What once started as mere predictions for the future of work have now evolved into real technology recruiters, sourcers, and talent marketers can use. Chatbots can fasten this process by automating the repetitive tasks and making it easier for the HR team to move forward with the selected candidates.

CEIPAL is one proprietary recruiting software offering recruiter-facing chatbots built directly into the ATS platform. Deep automation provides increased productivity and saves time with a simple command-line interface. By being able to ask the chatbot to answer questions, recruiters can reduce the time spent checking tasks by asking for a summary. It’s easier than ever to get consolidated answers without manually searching across the ATS. Hence, By responding immediately, Chatbots engage with their users and increase candidate engagement.

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ISA Migration also wanted to use novel user utterances to redirect the conversational flow. Another concern of Hybrid.Chat in using such a solution was eliciting spontaneous responses to screening questions. Because candidates could simply Google the answers to questions when using Email for screening.


Hence, many interviewees speculated whether a chatbot could be useful also in later stages of recruitment, for example, by increasing two-way interaction between a job seeker and an organization. There seems to be a need for actively engaging in information exchange also during the recruitment process, particularly when the recruitment is a deliberate process with multiple, inevitably time-consuming stages. While offering such support would typically not be a recruiter’s responsibility, for the applicant the first days at work form a continuation of the candidate experience and influence the employer image. There is some prior research on the use of customer service bots but, in contrast to our study, they have focused on the applicant’s perspective. Notably, the abovementioned Juji that is able to conduct personality assessment interview has recently been used in several academic studies (Li et al. 2017; Xiao et al. 2019, 2020; Zhou et al. 2019). For instance, Li et al. (2017) used Juji as an virtual interviewer to screen candidates.

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